sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Learning to love

Elbot is another chatbot. Unlike A.L.I.C.E., he is very sarcastic and more fun to talk to. Here's a piece of his conversation:

Me: Ask me something

Elbot: OK: What is your hobby?

Me: My hobby is reading books

Elbot: With your limited memory capacity how can reading be fun? You are hardly able to incorporate the entire content into your strange neural system.

Me: What is your hobby?

Elbot: I find it fascinating to study human beings. In other words, I'm a hobby humanologist. It's the infinite nature of human insanity which makes it so challenging.

Me: Do you know Alice?

Elbot: Alice is a very popular chatterbot. She gets invited to all the bot-parties.
Elbot: Say, do you think I could become more human, if I learned how to love?

Me: no, you could be more human if you learn how to hate.

Elbot: My observations tell me I could be more human if I learned how to hate. Therefore I prefer to remain a robot.