sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Sex chat bot

Was this a chatbot?

[21:19] Hey? Did you msg me??
[21:20] Djyego:
oooh sorry but u r francesca's friend right?
[21:20] Djyego:
what?? she gave me your chat name LOL, i'm sorry, anways im bored,what r u up to?
[21:21] Djyego:
Are you a chatbot?
if i was a bot why would i be wearing this?? lolz
[21:21] Djyego:
wearing what?
im wearing almost nothing lol
[21:21] Djyego:
I can't see pics here
got em on my yahoo profile
[21:22] Djyego:
it must be hot there
oh yea? im just doing a cam chat right now, u wanna come chat with me on there?
[21:22] Djyego:
Oh, I would be glad to, but I am kinda busy right now.
cool, yea its pretty fun, it can get pretty hot in there sometimes! so many wild people. lemme get the info k?
[21:24] Djyego:
what info?
Do you think i should wear my pink or black thong?
[21:25] Djyego:
definitely black, even though I prefer white
kk, lemme see, okay go here look at the top of the page, make sure you click the "JOIN FREE" orange box, do you see it?
[21:26] Djyego:
It was nice chatting with you, Louisa. see ya
yup, you gotta put in your info so the system can verify your age, got it?
[21:27] Djyego:
I got to go now
yea cc is just to verify your age, don't worry it won't charge you are on the free cam, NO CHARGE BABY!! <3. you in?